Do You Fight Fairly? If not, here are some rules

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Do you have rules for fighting fairly? If not, you may be causing more problems in your relationship than you think. Whether its your boss, your parents, or your significant other — we all have needs and wants. We have to listen to our wants and needs — but not only that, young professionals must live with others and honor their … Read More

What is Your Style Under Stress?

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This article goes over the different ways people respond under stress and why it’s important to be HONEST with where you are at. Young professionals who are proactive know who they are and what they need to work on.

If you’re TOO nice – you need to SLAP yourself into reality

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If you’re too nice or if you’re dealing with someone who is too nice, it can be frustrating at times. When so-called nice people continue putting others needs ahead of their own, they can eventually disrespect themselves and their own wants and needs. Nice people may think “this is what a good girlfriend should do” or “I’m being selfish, let her have her way” or a host of … Read More