Practice what you preach, preach what you practice

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I had a good conversation with my manager today at work about confidence.  Being good at what you do, diversifying your skill set, growing and adding to your portfolio – helps prove to yourself, that you are a great designer.  And that sort of confidence carries itself when you interview and when you socialize with people you work with. Indeed, … Read More

Design Across Borders: My Hong Kong/Beijing Trip

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For two weeks I was traveling on vacation to Hong Kong and Beijing. In a whole new world with different people and different needs, I saw many examples of interesting design solutions. Here are ten that I captured and wanted to share: 1. Umbrella Cover It was raining a lot, but at the entrance of the mall I saw this … Read More

Using Evernote to Capture Competitor Screenshots

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I LOVE Evernote. So much so – that I think people at my work call me the Evernote man behind my back. Why? Because I use it for all design/web screenshot capturing including competitors. Why Should You Care? In order to be a design leader, you must think about the business. If you are not aware of the competitive landscape, … Read More