Viktor Frankl Quotes

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On Future Goals As we said before, any attempt to restore a man’s inner strength in camp had first to succeed in showing him some future goal. Nietszche’s words, “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how. The prisoner who had lost faith in the future — his future– was doomed. With his loss … Read More

Dalai Lama Quotes

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On losing If you lose, don’t lose the lesson. On being approval (or disapproval) of others “Some say I’m a good person, some say I’m a bad person, it doesn’t matter. As long as my own motivation or thinking is honest, sincere. That’s important. Actually, Buddha taught don’t care what others are saying. If at one time someone praises you, … Read More

Cultivating Humility in Design

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No one likes to work with someone else who thinks they are smarter or better than everyone else (even if it’s true!).  While “genius design” sounds cool (think, Steve Jobs) it can lead to one person (or group of people) demoralizing, devaluing, and demeaning others (think, Steve Jobs) all for their own goals or benefit. Designers who believe they are … Read More

Dealing with Job-Hunting Failures and Setbacks

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When I taught UX Design, I would tell my students that looking for a job was a matter of just applying daily, keeping at it! Through planning and sheer willpower you can ensure you are making all possible efforts. And then one day, as I realized I needed to get out of my current job, I began actively looking for … Read More

The Hero’s Journey to Becoming a UX Designer

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Every once in a while I teach a UX bootcamp for General Assembly – typically in Santa Monica or Downtown Los Angeles, California. The bootcamp covers the fundamentals of user experience design and students walk away with understanding the design process by practicing UX and building a mobile prototype. The students who attend are often career shifters. These are people … Read More

Ownership: Are designers responsible for failed projects?

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Principle:  Effective designers are great at follow through, throughout the design process. This means adopting an “ownership mindset” – being responsible for successes and failures.  This includes: Taking on additional responsibilities to get the project on track. Getting their design implemented as intended. Avoiding blaming others for stalled or failed projects. Navigating difficult personalities to get work done. Bringing together … Read More