The Risk All Designers Face: Becoming too “Businessy”

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Back when I was in college studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley, design was considered the softer-not-so-serious part of my department and subtly scoffed at by engineers. In the workforce this snobbery continued. You’d join a company and it would be either product lead or developer lead. Once a vision was set, designers were a mere afterthought. And it frustrated … Read More

3 Things Great Designers Do When Giving Design Feedback

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There used to be an old joke in the design community: “you can always tell a junior designer from a more senior one.  When giving feedback, a junior designer nods, smiles,  thanks you…and then proceeds to the bathroom to go cry.” Receiving feedback is a core part of being a designer and you develop “tough skin” over time.  But giving … Read More

For Designers: 10 Takeaways for Your Better Future

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In May, I just finished teaching the finest students at UX Design Immersive class at General Assembly in Santa Monica.   In a rigorous 10 week time period, I saw students transform (what I call an “identity” level shift), from not knowing what UX really was about, to being full fledged UX designers.  They got to work with clients and … Read More

The Student, the Master, and the Drunk

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A story on how to win EVERY fight at work: An aikido student once traveled on a train with his Master and one drunk muscular huge guy was attacking and being aggressive to people on the train. And the student said to his teacher; “Now I will show you what I’ve learned.” And prepared for fight. And the teacher calmly said back; “No, now … Read More