8 Tips for Acing Your Next UX Interview

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Impressing Someone During a UX Interview

I have been on both ends of ux interviews.  I know, from experience, that interviewing can be nerve recking and challenging.  After all, you are selling yourself! Over time, I’ve adopted a few healthy mindsets that have helped me through the challenges of interviewing.  I hope they help you too. 1.  HR is paying a LOT of money to find … Read More

Facing UX Career Uncertainty

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Where are you going to be in 5-10 years? I hate that question! Yes, I have been struggling with figuring out my UX career path and it’s not an easy course. Life is about change and movement – and staying stagnant doesn’t resonate with the ambitious. Looking into the future and creating a vision for yourself is what proactive people … Read More

Practice what you preach, preach what you practice

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I had a good conversation with my manager today at work about confidence.  Being good at what you do, diversifying your skill set, growing and adding to your portfolio – helps prove to yourself, that you are a great designer.  And that sort of confidence carries itself when you interview and when you socialize with people you work with. Indeed, … Read More

Using Evernote to Capture Competitor Screenshots

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I LOVE Evernote. So much so – that I think people at my work call me the Evernote man behind my back. Why? Because I use it for all design/web screenshot capturing including competitors. Why Should You Care? In order to be a design leader, you must think about the business. If you are not aware of the competitive landscape, … Read More

True Leaders Don’t Chase Success

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There is one thing I’ve learned from working at big companies like Fox, Microsoft, Myspace, Yahoo, and Sony: Change is unpredictable. Sometimes you’ll have a great year and BAM! Layoffs and you’re gone. OR…you’ll be working around the clock for a project and BAM! You get a low performance review from your manager. Or your project is going well and … Read More

Designers don’t understand the user

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In almost all companies I’ve worked for, the designer is said to be “the user’s advocate.” He/she is supposed to know what people want.

“Hey guys, we need a UX designer in here to help with understanding what users need.”

While that is a nice ego-massage, that thinking is wrong.

Why Drama on Your Team May be OK

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I just joined a new company a few weeks ago.  One of the interesting things about being new to a company is how eager you are to fit in and be accepted and show you are valuable.  This is just called “looking good” and for the most part it’s normal and expected by others.  We all put in extra effort when … Read More