The Hero’s Journey to Becoming a UX Designer

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Every once in a while I teach a UX bootcamp for General Assembly – typically in Santa Monica or Downtown Los Angeles, California. The bootcamp covers the fundamentals of user experience design and students walk away with understanding the design process by practicing UX and building a mobile prototype. The students who attend are often career shifters. These are people … Read More

Ownership: Are designers responsible for failed projects?

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Principle:  Effective designers are great at follow through, throughout the design process. This means adopting an “ownership mindset” – being responsible for successes and failures.  This includes: Taking on additional responsibilities to get the project on track. Getting their design implemented as intended. Avoiding blaming others for stalled or failed projects. Navigating difficult personalities to get work done. Bringing together … Read More

The Student, the Master, and the Drunk

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A story on how to win EVERY fight at work: An aikido student once traveled on a train with his Master and one drunk muscular huge guy was attacking and being aggressive to people on the train. And the student said to his teacher; “Now I will show you what I’ve learned.” And prepared for fight. And the teacher calmly said back; “No, now … Read More

Design Across Borders: My Hong Kong/Beijing Trip

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For two weeks I was traveling on vacation to Hong Kong and Beijing. In a whole new world with different people and different needs, I saw many examples of interesting design solutions. Here are ten that I captured and wanted to share: 1. Umbrella Cover It was raining a lot, but at the entrance of the mall I saw this … Read More

Using Evernote to Capture Competitor Screenshots

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I LOVE Evernote. So much so – that I think people at my work call me the Evernote man behind my back. Why? Because I use it for all design/web screenshot capturing including competitors. Why Should You Care? In order to be a design leader, you must think about the business. If you are not aware of the competitive landscape, … Read More