The Student, the Master, and the Drunk

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A story on how to win EVERY fight at work: An aikido student once traveled on a train with his Master and one drunk muscular huge guy was attacking and being aggressive to people on the train. And the student said to his teacher; “Now I will show you what I’ve learned.” And prepared for fight. And the teacher calmly said back; “No, now … Read More

Why Drama on Your Team May be OK

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I just joined a new company a few weeks ago.  One of the interesting things about being new to a company is how eager you are to fit in and be accepted and show you are valuable.  This is just called “looking good” and for the most part it’s normal and expected by others.  We all put in extra effort when … Read More

Do You Fight Fairly? If not, here are some rules

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Do you have rules for fighting fairly? If not, you may be causing more problems in your relationship than you think. Whether its your boss, your parents, or your significant other — we all have needs and wants. We have to listen to our wants and needs — but not only that, young professionals must live with others and honor their … Read More

Blame vs. Contribution, How to Stop Blaming Others

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In life, disagreements come up. Sometimes, something or someone does something that upsets us. That hurts our feelings. Fighting allows disagreements to get resolved.

However, there is a HUGE difference between dirty fighting and fair fighting. You should know the difference and how to avoid the former.