The Risk All Designers Face: Becoming too “Businessy”

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Back when I was in college studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley, design was considered the softer-not-so-serious part of my department and subtly scoffed at by engineers. In the workforce this snobbery continued. You’d join a company and it would be either product lead or developer lead. Once a vision was set, designers were a mere afterthought. And it frustrated … Read More

3 Things Great Designers Do When Giving Design Feedback

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There used to be an old joke in the design community: “you can always tell a junior designer from a more senior one.  When giving feedback, a junior designer nods, smiles,  thanks you…and then proceeds to the bathroom to go cry.” Receiving feedback is a core part of being a designer and you develop “tough skin” over time.  But giving … Read More

Creating the context for relationship building

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Every relationship begins with courtship.  We meet, we talk, we see if we are a good fit.  If not, we move on.  If so, we rejoice and continue building relationships. But not at work…We need each other at work But at work, sometimes we cannot move on.  We need certain relationships to get work done.  We either have dependencies or … Read More

How to Avoid Bad Relationships

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A lot of people find themselves in bad relationships or relationships that aren’t so…well, empowering. Why? Well, when you aren’t intentional about your relationships, life tends to set your relationships for you — and sometimes those relationships aren’t the best. When you are intentional, you get what you want:  be that more happiness, adventure, success, or whatever. “Intentional Relationships” are … Read More