Ownership: Are designers responsible for failed projects?

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Principle:  Effective designers are great at follow through, throughout the design process. This means adopting an “ownership mindset” – being responsible for successes and failures.  This includes: Taking on additional responsibilities to get the project on track. Getting their design implemented as intended. Avoiding blaming others for stalled or failed projects. Navigating difficult personalities to get work done. Bringing together … Read More

Using Evernote to Capture Competitor Screenshots

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I LOVE Evernote. So much so – that I think people at my work call me the Evernote man behind my back. Why? Because I use it for all design/web screenshot capturing including competitors. Why Should You Care? In order to be a design leader, you must think about the business. If you are not aware of the competitive landscape, … Read More

Designers don’t understand the user

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In almost all companies I’ve worked for, the designer is said to be “the user’s advocate.” He/she is supposed to know what people want.

“Hey guys, we need a UX designer in here to help with understanding what users need.”

While that is a nice ego-massage, that thinking is wrong.