Cultivating Humility in Design

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No one likes to work with someone else who thinks they are smarter or better than everyone else (even if it’s true!).  While “genius design” sounds cool (think, Steve Jobs) it can lead to one person (or group of people) demoralizing, devaluing, and demeaning others (think, Steve Jobs) all for their own goals or benefit. Designers who believe they are … Read More

How to Give Design Feedback

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There used to be an old joke in the design community: “you can always tell a junior designer from a more senior one.  When giving feedback, a junior designer nods, smiles,  thanks you…and then proceeds to the bathroom to go cry.” Receiving feedback is a core part of being a designer and you develop “tough skin” over time.  But giving … Read More

Building Healthy Relationships

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Whether you’re on a project (or team) for a brief amount of time or a long period of time, one thing is for certain:  you’re going to have to build relationships in order to collaborate and get the project done successfully. That being said, I believe it helps if people like us or at the very least, have an amicable … Read More