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What is “good” or “bad” design?   Is Craiglist an example of “good” design? Craiglist is a successfully UGLY product that works well.

Design can only be “good” or “bad” based on if it meets the objectives of it’s users and the business.   

Thus, great designers can articulate WHY the design is off and back up their evaluation  based on objectives (persona, scenarios, problem statement, and/or business goals) and using design principles.

This is better than reacting quickly or being the “expert” and rattling off design problems.

Great designers ask about how the design meets the objectives.  Their feedback is centered around objectives.

They give feedback that ties into the objectives AND can ask questions to explore the design (mentioned earlier):

  • Your persona is really busy and doesn’t have much time.  Have you consider reducing the steps in the wizard?
  • The business wants to increase conversions.  Adding a form here instead of a button will make conversion happen quicker and save the user steps too.
  • The problem you are solving is related to a lack of discovery.  Your feature here is not addressing that so I’m concerned it won’t be enough.
  • I see that Nielsen’s Heuristic “Match Between Match and World” is a concern here.  The label you are using “Brand” may confuse your persona.  Maybe “Products” is a better word that users recognize.

Notice that when feedback is tied to objectives it becomes a LOT less personal.  It becomes less about one person’s taste or judgements.

This ends up building rapport with the recipient (synergy).

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