Be kind to yourself when making mistakes

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Ever watch tennis players who make a bad shot, yell at themselves?  This is sadly how we sometimes treat ourselves we goof up at work or make a mistake.

Some people’s projects and work must be perfect or they fear judgement from others.  For some, the fear of failing leads to serious control issues.  If they are not succeeding at a project, they’ll feel less inside.  They begin to fear others will perceive them as not perfect and lesser.  “Self-enchantment” is when we want others to only see as perfect.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

We need to remind ourselves we’re human.  “Mistakes” are learning lessons.  Believe it or not, you’re allowed to make mistakes at work and that you are not required to have all the right answers.  Try and remember that the next time you don’t say the right thing or have the right solution.

We are all working to be better versions of ourselves and must believe in ourselves.  It’s a skill to simultaneously hold the view  that we are not perfect.   It allows for failure, it allows for personal and professional growth.  A good mantra to try: “I am perfectly imperfect” or “I am a constant work-in-progress.”

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