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Another valuable suggestion for demonstrating humility, is to give eye contact equally.  This is a very subtle thing, but as human beings we are very aware if we are not being addressed in a group of people.  Eye contact, and lack of it, I believe is one thing that demonstrates if we are paying attention to someone or not.  

Although you probably don’t mean it, lack of eye contact can signal that you may not value others.  Often, the most senior person receives the bulk of eye contact since others are often looking for their approval.  The key I feel, is to be aware if you are doing that and then stop doing that.  By learning to give eye contact evenly, we show respect to everyone in the group regardless of their expertise or rank.

Author’s note:  A really good senior leader I know does a great job of giving eye contact evenly.  He goes even a step beyond that and often says, “I want to hear from folks on the phone” or “We’ve been talking for a while, I wanted to hear if anyone else in the group wants to chime in with thoughts about this.”  Doing this, he wins a lot of friends very easily.  He is careful and doesn’t abuse his rank thus increasing the team’s feeling of inclusivity and collaboration. 

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