Ways to Cultivate Humility

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People are amazing BS detectors.  Within a few seconds people can tell who is truly humble, who is faking it, and who is quite frankly, arrogant.  And like I mentioned, whoever is seen as arrogant, puts collaboration in jeopardy.

Thus, it’s important as designers to be aware of behaviors and attitudes that don’t demonstrate and cultivate humility.

No one is perfect and I have admitted earlier that I sometimes struggle with ensuring my ego is in check.

Earlier I had mentioned that humble designers realize they are no more important than others and also, at the same time, that they are no less important than others either.  That they understand the balance between valuing yourself and valuing others.

The list below has some techniques that I feel can help you learn how to “value yourself” and also, at the same time, learn how to “value others”.

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