Niswarth’s activities have, so far, reached out to nearly 20 lac (2 million) people in over 150 tea districts and neighbouring villages and facilitated social benefits worth over Rs. 2 crores (20 million) from the Government, Lions Club and Agencies. The organization has progressed well in its first few years of operation and performing above expectations. It helps disables as well as underprivileged people.



Niswarth has trained thousands of underprivileged and disabled individuals in the West Bengal and Assam areas.  We have 4 locations available for training (Binnaguri, Matigara, Dam Dim, Bagracote) all located in the interior villages of North Bengal.


Niswarth conducts several events for the underprivileged and specially-abled people to empower them economically as well as education-wise. We believe in encouraging them to learn more, use their crafts and skills to make money so that they can feel independent and help themselves.


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