About Us

Niswarth”, established in 2007, is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (in India and UK), based at Bagracote Tea Garden and Siliguri in North Bengal, India.

The key focus area for this organisation is the empowerment of Challenged and Underprivileged persons irrespective of religion, sex, caste, creed or social status.

The Current State of Affairs

India has over the last few years developed phenomenally and is poised to become one of the largest economies in the world. The “India Shining” phenomenon can be felt across the country. However, the impact of this development has not yet filtered through to some of the poorest and remotest parts of the tea plantations in West Bengal and Assam.

A large portion of physically challenged people do not yet have the awareness on benefits available from the government nor the money to sustain themselves.


Niswarth is, at the moment, based out of Siliguri and Bagrakore tea estate in North Bengal. To date, our activities have spanned some of the remotest regions across North Bengal, Bihar and Assam. We also plan to open sub-committees in various other parts of the region.


The organization has progressed well in it’s first few years of operation and performing above expectations.

Niswarth has done well to meet its key short term objective of providing and employment to some of the poorest. It has received a very good response from the local population and the demand for its products is on the increase.

Through the organisation, a number of deaf children are now being sponsored to attend school.

Niswarth has also arranged a large number of disability and eye camps reaching out to a population of around 20 lac (2 million). We’ve also used our resources to provide whatever help possible to the victims of the Bihar floods.