Here are answers to some common questions on Niswarth and it’s future.

What is the meaning of Niswarth?

“Niswarth” is the Sanskrit word for selfless.  Likewise, our objective is to provide a “Selfless Service” to the physically Challenged and Underprivileged people within our society. These are people who have hopes and aspirations like ours to live with dignity but, in real life, simply do not get this opportunity to do so.

How does Niswarth help the underprivileged people it employs?
Niswarth does not give donations to the underprivileged and physically challenged people it employs. Instead, it helps them in a number of ways such as:

  • Organising camps to identify and treat disabled people
  • Provide education to children
  • Provide employment to disabled people and help with their rehabilitation
  • Organise workshops to spread awareness and prevention of diseases.
  • How will my donation be invested in the organisation?
  • Niswarth aims to be a self supporting organisation wherby the revenues generated from the sale of its branded products will help sustain its employees. However, it does rely on your donations to support it’s activities.

Your money will also go towards organising blood donation and disability camps to identify disabled people in the region and provide them with support and rehabilitation. You can also choose to pay for a child’s education or provide medical treatement to a disabled person.

Where do the Niswarth employees work?
The employees of Niswarth work out of Bargakote tea estate. They are all registered as disabled people at the local sub district. Duncans Industies limited have allocated a piece of land and a house to Niswarth from where all employees can work.

The production and packaging facility has been funded through donations received by the organisation & will provide a permanent base to all its employees.

What are the future plans for the growth of Niswarth?
Niswarth at the moment operates out of the North Bengal and Assam, India and over the short to medium term plans to stay in this region. We are also getting the organisation registered in the UK to help expand our support base.

I’m very keen on using the Niswarth brand name to provide employment to underpriviliged people in my area. How can I go about doing this?
The organisation’s objective is to build a strong local base first and then expand into other regions. That would help ensure that there is a strong infrastructure to support any growth and that the brand image is not damaged. We’re actively looking for people to be a part of the organisation and if you’d like to use the Niswarth brand name, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page.

How does Niswarth raise money to finance it’s activities?
Niswarth relies on funds from two areas:

Sale of it’s branded products. These include incense sticks, scarves and household products. To see a list of products and prices, please go to the “Products” page.
Donations. This can be made online through paypal (currently unavailable) or directly into Niswarth’s bank account. Please see the “Donate” page for further details.