How We Help

Niswarth’s activities have, so far, reached out to nearly 20 lac (2 million) people in over 150 tea districts and neighbouring villages and facilitated social benefits worth over Rs. 2 crores (20 million) from the Government, Lions Club and Agencies!

The organization has progressed well in it’s first few years of operation and performing above expectations.

For Disabled People

Niswarth provides:

  • Education.  Training, employment and financial support to a number of physically challenged persons.
  • Sponsorship.  Through the organization, a number of deaf children are now being sponsored to attend school.
  • Disability Camps.  Donations received by the organisation helps us in organising camps to identify disabled people and help them with rehabilitation.  Niswarth has also arranged a large number of disability and eye camps reaching out to a population of around 20 lac (2 million).

For Underprivileged

Our activities help spread awareness over the plight of some of the most destitute and vulnerable people in our society.

Our objective is to protect the interest of such persons against unnecessary harassment and assault and to help them grow their self-respect and confidence.

  • Employment assistance.  Niswarth has done well to meet its key short term objective of providing and employment to some of the poorest.
  • Products.  It has received a very good response from the local population and the demand for its products is on the increase.
  • Local support.  We’ve also used our resources to provide whatever help possible to the victims of the Bihar floods.