Monish Subherwal is a service designer at Accenture/Fjord.

But who knows what I'll be in the future?  For now, enjoy checking out some of my work and learning about me.

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My latest work

Telecom DIY Self Install 

Due to Covid, a large Telcom organization was being asked by customers for less contact with technicians.

The ask: How might we... design a DIY internet and tv installation experience for a variety of customer types?  

Insurance Customer Centric Transformation

A large insurance company asked us to reimagine how they could transform their organization to be more customer centric.


Using Research Insights to prioritize
and define an MVP.

Date: 2018
Type:  Large-Scale, Waterfall, Responsive
Deliverables:  User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Prototyping, Feature Prioritization, Design Pattern Library

How I Can Help Your Organization

Create a culture of learning

AB Testing, Lean UX, Agile, Google Analytics, Design Thinking...

Establish effective
design practices

Design language and collaboration systems

Sell design to stakeholders

Presentation, Cross Collaboration and Buy-in, Approval and Review

Developing and leading the team

Setting clear goals, conflict management, workload allocation

Give feedback to ensure quality design work

Design critique, How-Why Laddering, PQP (Praise-Question-Polish)

Unify & evolve
the design vision

Theme Discovery, Brand Identity Prism

Let's Work Together!

Am I the ideal candidate?  
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