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Circle of Excellence

Monish Subherwal

The Circle of Excellence is an “NLP” technique for programming in a resource state when needed.  It’s a good technique for changing emotional triggers.

The process makes you imagine yourself in the past feeling confident, and then locking that state (the mental and physical experience) for another situation where you might want to have those same resources.

Episode 7 teaches how to use The Circle of Excellence!  Check it out!

007 How to Build Confidence and Even Overcome Stage Fright (The Circle of Excellence).

Why Is It So Important?

Confidence is vital for anything and everything.  If you don’t have confidence – I’m sorry, you’re going to have a hard time in life.  YET – why is it some people have an abundance of confidence when they need it and others don’t?  Being able to control your mind and build your confidence is key.

The Circle of Excellence can help you in a variety of ways, but especially when you feel:

  • Worried about some future performance.
  • Like you want more confidence generally.

Indicators That This Technique Could Help You

  • I’m so nervous about my presentation tomorrow!  [there is a need for more confidence]
  • I wish I was so calm when I talked to girls [there is a need for more confidence]
  • Sometimes I get nervous and I just don’t know what to say.  Doesn’t happen all the time [here, the circle of excellence could be used with the feelings of ‘knowing what to say’ – a successful time in the past]

How to Do the Technique

  • Follow steps 1 – 5.
  • Note:  Make sure to get as specific as possible when it comes to figuring out the trigger (step 3).  A trigger may even be when you see, hear, feel, or smell something.  Could even be when you say something to yourself triggering the fear.  Either way, get very specific about the trigger.
  • Step1: Imagine a time when you were feeling very confident.
    • Keep that image in mind. It may have been recently or anytime in the past. Imagine how it felt, what you saw and heard, imagine the energy, the sensations. Play that movie in your mind and experience that state fully.
  • Step2: The Circle of Excellence
    • Imagine there is a circular disk on the floor around your feet (so you are in the circle). What color is your circle? Give it a color. Get back into your state. When your feeling of confidence is fullest, step outside of the circle.
  • Step3: Time and Place
    • Now pick a time and place where you would like to have that feeling of confidence. Get that picture in your head fully. It can help to think of a cue in your mental picture – something that triggers your event. Meaning, if there was a sound or a face that appears in the time and place where you would like to have more confidence, just make a point to remember that cue.
  • Step4: Step back into the Circle of Excellence
    • This is called linking. By stepping back into the Circle of Excellence, imagine yourself in that time and place with the desired confident state now. Basically, you are linking your confident feelings with the cue and event you imagined.
  • Step5: Step out of the Circle of Excellence
    • Step back out of the Circle of Excellence. Now think about that time and place where you would like more confidence. If you try that now, you will find yourself being able to feel those confident feelings again. This basically means you are priming yourself to have those confident feelings for the time and place you’d like in the future.


My coach taught me this one, but based on my research online I discovered that John Grinder and Judith DeLozier invented this NLP pattern.