Inevitability Thinking

Monish Subherwal

A concept created by Eben Pagan where instead of focusing on finishing goals – the idea is to focus on creating conditions so goals are achieved automatically.

The core question shifts from “how do I get to my goal?” to:  What conditions do I have to setup to make success happen automatically?

Episode 11 teaches Inevitability Thinking!  Check it out!

011 Why am I not succeeding in reaching my goals? (Inevitability Thinking)

Why Is It So Important?

When you can’t achieve your goals, you feel helpless, powerless, discouraged and unmotivated.

When you utilize Inevitability Thinking – you can achieve your goals.   Simple as that.

Indicators that You Need to Use Inevitability Thinking

When you feel:

  • Frustrated and/or angry about not achieving your goals.
  • Confused on how you will achieve your goals.
  • Overwhelmed by so much to do to achieve a goal.

Things you may say that indicate that you need to use some inevitability thinking:

  • I keep trying and trying, but for some reason I can’t to my goal.  I must be the world’s biggest procrastinator
  • I would LOVE to do that, but hey, I’m not a big shot like them
  • WHOA.  Reaching that goal would be AWESOME, but a LOT of hard work

How to Use Inevitability Thinking

  • First, check if you are in action at all.  Procrastinating means you are not moving towards your goals at all.  Inevitability thinking can’t help you if you are lazy.
  • If you are in action, but are “spinning your wheels” this could work well for you as it provides you another way to see your problem.
  • Inevitability Thinking asks the key question:
    • “What conditions do you have to setup to make success happen automatically?”
    • Brainstorm 10 conditions, and pick the top 2-3 and implement them asap.


I believe this concept was originally created by Eben Pagan.  You can check out his website here.