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Hi I'm Monish.

I am a seasoned UX professional with 11 years of experience, grateful to have worked at some of the best tech companies. As a designer, my personal mission is:  to make users lives better by serving their needs, for the benefit of the organization.

How I Can Help Your Organization

Create a culture of learning

AB Testing, Lean UX, Agile, Google Analytics, Design Thinking...

Establish effective
design practices

Design language and collaboration systems

Sell design to stakeholders

Presentation, Cross Collaboration and Buy-in, Approval and Review

Developing and leading the team

Setting clear goals, conflict management, workload allocation

Give feedback to ensure quality design work

Design critique, How-Why Laddering, PQP (Praise-Question-Polish)

Unify & evolve
the design vision

Theme Discovery, Brand Identity Prism

My Portfolio

For password, please email me: mksubherw AT gmail.com.

Using Atomic Design to tackle 
a 6,000 page Responsive website.


Date: 2018
Type:  Large-Scale, Waterfall, Responsive
Deliverables:  Personas, Interviews, Survey, Objectives & KPIs, Project Plan, Sitemap, Navigation Schema, Wireframes, Mobile/ Responsive, Prototyping, Requirements, ADA Compliance

Using Research Insights to prioritize
and define an MVP.


Date: 2018
Type:  Large-Scale, Waterfall, Responsive
Deliverables:  User Interviews, Competitive Analysis, Prototyping, Feature Prioritization, Design Pattern Library

Using Lean Startup to validate a fitness-based insurance rewards program.

Date: 2015
Type:  Lean Startup
Deliverables:  Personas, Interviews, Assumptions, Wireframes, Visual Design, HTML/CSS, Facebook Ads

Using Journey Mapping and Metaphors to
define a new internal Yahoo! sales tool.


Date: 2013
Type:  Agile
Deliverables:  User Interviews, Wireframes, Visual Design

Other Projects


Envisioning new products: Portals, Personalization, and Post-Membership.

DIGITAL OPTIMIZATION Using AB Testing to optimize TA.com and create validated design patterns.
PRYME Designing end-to-end enterprise solutions for Yahoo's PYM Team.
RMX REPORTING Designing Enterprise Reporting Solutions for Property Managers

My Design Philosophy

My aim ultimately is to:
Design the right things, right.

To empower a high performance design culture requires participating in learning about users and their problems and valuing high quality designs.

Collaboration and community, not competition and comparison.

My Experience: I am the creator of the Long Beach UX Meetup. We meet once a month to support and learn from each other.

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The user is the expert and we're serving them.

My Experience: I have self-published a book to help designers chart out their careers and get back to focusing on service.

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The real master is always a student.

I believe there is always more to learn. I have taught UX classes and graduated over 100+ UX students at General Assembly - and have found I am still learning more.

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The soft skills are just as important as the hard skills.

My Experience: I have a passion for the soft skills in design and conducted over 14 workshops at various places like UCLA, Cal Arts, Lucky Brand, and more.

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Companies I've Worked For

I am grateful and honored to have worked at some of the best tech and media companies. To learn more about my experience, view my resume below.


UX Design Immersive Instructor


Lead UX Designer, Digital Enterprise Team


Senior UX Designer, Advertising & Data Team


Senior Interaction Designer,
Homepage & Login


Interaction Designer,
Bravia TV Interfaces


Program Manager Intern

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