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Design Career Navigator is collection of career lessons and tips from my 10 years as a UX Designer.

You’ll learn about:
• Career paths for designers
• Getting clarity on where you are going
• How I use LinkedIn and Evernote to discover opportunities
…and more

4,600 words in a 50 page PDF.

What people are saying about Design Career Navigator

  • “As a designer new to the field of UX, I found Design Career Navigator incredibly valuable. There’s a plethora of reading already out there for UX designers, but this book is unique because it resonates with designers at any level who are looking for fulfillment in their career. Monish shares golden design nuggets from his years of experience while still keeping everything simple, and most importantly, actionable. The exercises and mental action steps throughout kept me engaged and helped me think critically about myself and make deliberate decisions towards my dream career. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for direction in their design careers— it’d be difficult to find a comparable collection of worthwhile advice and motivation elsewhere.”

    – Josie Biteng

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